The launch of the new WaiBOP Football Federation website too what seemed like years to get over the line, but it’s up now!

A big part of my role at WaiBOP Football is to manage our digital assets. This included being involved in a NZ Football-led, joint-Federation project to update the seven regional Federations’ website. The old sites were built on anĀ out-of-date CMS, with a front end that looked, well, extremely dated.

NZ Football’s digital partner, Fox Sports Pulse, handled the development to ensure consistency of style across all seven websites. The CMS is something I’m well familiar with – WordPress – so it made shifting content, then adding new stuff, a breeze.

The site is device responsive and allows greater integration with our social channels. We have dialed down some of its’ capabilities, for now, with a view to adding some improvements during the off-season. For now, though, it’s just great to have something that offers a superior user experience.

We were the second Federation, after Northern Football, to launch. The remaining Federations will launch their new sites at the end of the 2016 winter season.